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    Beverage Filling Machine into the era of rapid development

    Today,food,daily necessities medicine and other related industries and our daily life increasingly tend to high-volume,the past Filling production line is large and heavy equipment,high cost,and now with our technology development, filling production line Becoming more and more perfect,more and more enterprises began to pay attention to and use of Filling Machine production line.
    The development of beverage market driven beverage Filling Machine market to move forward rapidly,to the industry has brought opportunities,but also brought competition and challenges.The next 3-5 years,the development of the existing fruit juice,tea drinks market,bottled water,functional beverages,while carbonated drinks and other products will be low sugar or sugar-free beverages, and pure natural milk,such as health drinks.More diversified products,the need for more differentiated packaging has become the beverage industry trends, product development trends will further promote the development of beverage filling machinery differentiation.The future for a long time,the domestic beverage filling machinery market prospects for the development of bright.

    PET blow Moulding Machine

    Filling Machine

    Filling Machine is mainly a small product packaging machine,liquid filling machine can be divided into from the perspective of packaging materials, paste filling machine,powder filling machine,particle filling machine;From the degree of automation is divided into semi-automatic Filling machine and automatic filling production line.According to the classification of the main categories of filling and packaging categories:bags,hoses and bottles,the choice of beverage filling machinery is closely related to the package.High technical content,high reliability high speed,high output,multi-functional beverage filling machinery has become the current trend of development.

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